Mature Spore Sac
A Field Guide to Seeds
Basin of Holy Water
Scourge Meat Wagon
The Underspore
Harbinger of the Second Trial
Box of Mushrooms
Galaen's Journal
Discarded Nutriment
Sun Gate
Blood Filled Orb
Crate of Ingots
Cell Door Lever
Dragon Bone
Statue of Queen Azshara
Charred Bone Fragment
Gilded Brazier
Tainted Wood
Medical Supplies
Ysera's Tear
Trans-dimensional Ship Repair for Simpletons
Fel Cone Fungus
Ruinous Polyspore
Aquatic Stinkhorn
Blood Mushroom
Wanted Poster
Steam Pump Part
Sand Pear
Felsteel Chest
Adamantite Bound Chest
Heavy Fel Iron Chest
Fel Iron Chest
Corrupted Crystal
Mound of Dirt
Stillpine Grain
Battered Ancient Book
Blood Crystal
Clopper's Equipment