Maggoc's Treasure Chest
Grulloc's Dragon Skull
Vim'gol's Vile Grimoire
Shrine of the Falcon
Shrine of the Hawk
Shrine of the Eagle
Raven Stone Fragment
Fei Fei's Cache
Gorgrom's Altar
Cabal Chest
Cabal Chest
Cabal Chest
Massive Treasure Chest
Bloodstone Signal Fire
Violet Signal Fire
Emerald Signal Fire
Sapphire Signal Fire
Fermented Seed Beer Keg
Ripe Moonshine Keg
Cursed Egg
Eye of Veil Shienor
Eye of Veil Reskk
Nethervine Crystal
Reinforced Fel Iron Chest
Wanted Poster
Legion Communicator
Grulloc's Sack
Sketh'lon Feather
Lianthe's Strongbox
Crystal Prison
Wanted Poster
Collection of Souls
Auchenai Coffin
Felhound Poo
Deathforged Infernal
The Fourth Prophecy
The Third Prophecy
The Second Prophecy