The First Prophecy
Ever-burning Ash
The Doctor's Strongbox
Wanted Poster
Wanted Poster
Solid Adamantite Chest
Bound Adamantite Chest
Solid Adamantite Chest
Bound Adamantite Chest
Power Converter
Baa'ri Tablet Fragment
Nether Drake Egg
Fel Reaver Armor Plating
Fel Reaver Power Core
Sunhawk Portal Controller
Draenei Ascendant
Lashh'an Tome
Sealed Coffin
Rotten Arakkoa Egg
Primitive Chest
Brightsong Wine
T'chali's Hookah
Dented Footlocker
Wicker Chest
The Thunderspike
Thunderlord Clan Tablet
Thunderlord Clan Arrow
Thunderlord Clan Drum
Mana Bomb
Coilskar Chest
Shadowmoon Tuber
Draenethyst Mine Crystal
Stonebreaker Brew
Ravenous Flayer Egg
Wanted Poster
Dome Generator Segment
Diagnostic Equipment
Waterfall Control Console
Ethereum Data Cell
Bloodmaul Brew Keg