Pile of Leaves
Hollowed Out Tree
Lumber Pile
Ancient Relic
Lordaeron Shrine
Chalice of Elune
Drycap Mushroom
Nautical Compass
Nautical Map
Burial Chest
Featherbeard's Journal
Gryphon Egg
Azure Snapdragon
Featherbeard's Remains
Wanted Poster
Sha'naar Relic
Holy Coffer
Empty Barrel
Weapon Rack
Warped Crates
Unopened Crate
Ribbon Pole
Silithyst Geyser
Azure Phial
Kaliri Nest
Glowing Crystal
Jar of ashes
Rich Adamantite Deposit
Khorium Vein
Adamantite Deposit
Fel Iron Deposit
Monument of Remembrance
Ravager Egg
Hellfire Spineleaf
Decorated Gravestone
Four Horsemen Chest
Flame of the Undercity
Flame of Darnassus
Emitter Spare Part
Mana Thistle