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Clean Laundry
Champion's Cache
Champions' Cache
Eadric's Cache
Discarded Soul Crystal
Confessor's Cache
Cache of Living Stone
Silithid Egg
Venomhide Egg
Black Knight's Orders
Stolen Tournament Invitation
Dusty Journal
Freya's Gift
Cache of Winter
Winter Hyacinth
Rare Cache of Winter
Heart of Magic
Gundrak Raptor Egg
Everfrost Chip
Alumeth's Robes
Alumeth's Scepter
Alumeth's Heart
Alumeth's Skull
Alexstrasza's Gift
Underbelly Elixir
Prospector Khrona's Notes
Prospector Soren's Maps
Weeping Quarry Schedule
Weeping Quarry Map
Weeping Quarry Document
Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker
Abandoned Armor
Abandoned Helm
Saurfang's Battle Armor
Fordragon's Shield
The Doctor's Cleaver
Spool of Thread
Vrykul Weapons
Jade Statue
Golden Goblet