Open To Pass Your Rite.
Practice Lockbox
Warsong Axe Shipment
Warsong Oil
Sapphire of Aku'Mai
Troll Chest
Thazz'ril's Pick
Felix's Bucket of Bolts
Felix's Chest
Fathom Stone
Gaea Seed
Wanted Poster: Besseleth
Mangled Human Remains
Augustus' Receipt Book
Rackmore's Log
Rackmore's Chest
Bauble Container
Giant Softshell Clam
Lunar Fungal Bloom
Quel'Thalas Registry
Mound of Dirt
Torn Scroll
Xabraxxis' Demon Bag
Joseph's Chest
Termite Barrel
Ooze Covered Rich Thorium Vein
Scourge Cauldron
Unfinished Painting
Symbol of Lost Honor
Araj's Phylactery
Loose Dirt Mound
Pteradon Skeleton
Hatred of the Centaur
The White Stag and the Moon
Mists of Dawn
Forestlord and the first Druids
Sorrow of the Earthmother
Lady Mara Fordragon
Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore
King Llane I of the House of Wrynn