Tip: Ensure that all party members are on the same stage of an escort quest before beginning it.
Tip: You're much less likely to encounter wandering monsters while following a road.
Tip: You can hide your interface with Z and take screenshots with .
Tip: Typing /macro will bring up the interface to create macros.
Tip: Enemy players whose names appear in gray are much lower level than you are and will not give honor when killed.
Tip: From the Raid UI you can drag a player to the game field to see their status or drag a class icon to see all members of that class.
Tip: A blue question mark above a quest giver means the quest is repeatable.
Tip: Use the assist button (F key) while targeting another player, and it will target the same target as that player.
Tip: Clicking on an item being sold by a vendor will let you select how many of that item you wish to purchase.
Tip: You can view messages you previously sent in chat by pressing and the up arrow key.
Tip: You can Click on an item stack to split it into smaller stacks.
Tip: Pressing both mouse buttons simultaneously will make your character run.
Tip: When replying to a tell from a player (Default 'R'), the key cycles through people you have recently replied to.
Tip: Clicking an item name that appears bracketed in chat will tell you more about the item.
Tip: It's considered polite to talk to someone before inviting them into a group, or opening a trade window.
Tip: A mail icon next to the minimap means you have new mail. Visit a mailbox to retrieve it.
Tip: You can add additional action bars to your game interface from the interface options menu.
Tip: If you hold down while right-clicking on a target to loot, you will automatically loot all items on the target.
Tip: Your character can eat and drink at the same time.
Tip: Being polite while in a group with others will get you invited back!
Tip: You can click on a faction in the reputation pane to get additional information and options about that faction.
Tip: A monster with a silver dragon around its portrait is a rare monster with better than average treasure.
Tip: Sharing an account with someone else can compromise its security.
Tip: Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don't forget to go outside Azeroth with them as well.
Tip: If you keep an empty mailbox, the mail icon will let you know when you have new mail waiting!
Tip: Never give another player your account information.
Tip: You can enable Arena Enemy Frames to display the unit frames of the enemy team when in Arena matches.
Tip: Always verify that you are accessing an official Blizzard website whenever submitting account information.
Tip: If you press while your cursor is over an item slot on your character, you can produce a list of items that can be equipped in that slot.
Tip: Remember to take all things in moderation (even World of Warcraft!)
Tip: Once you reach level 30, your class trainer can instruct you in Dual Talent Specialization. This feature allows you to swap out your talents, glyphs and action bars between two commonly used configurations.
Tip: Your guild can schedule Guild Events using the in-game calendar. You choose to sign up for these events rather than waiting for an invitation.
Tip: If you never want to hear from another player again, you can /ignore them. You can always change your mind later.
Tip: You can display the duration of beneficial spells on you from the interface options menu.
Tip: You can cast a spell on yourself without deselecting your current target by holding down while pressing your hotkey.
Tip: Stuck on a quest? Can't find that one NPC? Looking for stats on an item? The WoW forums and other fansites are great resources for all things WoW!
Tip: Group Finder allows you to create and find groups for any dungeons, raids or quests. 1 - 100
Tip: Look for passive abilities in your Spellbook that increase the effectiveness of certain attributes. 1 - 100
Tip: When interacting with other players a little kindness goes a long way! 1 - 90
Tip: You can turn your character by holding the Right Mouse Button and moving the mouse. You can look around by holding the Left Mouse Button and moving the mouse. 1 - 10
Tip: Quest locations and questgivers can be seen on your map. 1 - 60
Tip: Guns, bows and crossbows do not require ammunition to fire. 1 - 20
Tip: Nearby questgivers that are awaiting your return are shown as a yellow question mark on your mini-map. 1 - 20
Tip: Nearby questgivers that are awaiting your return are shown as a question mark on your mini-map. 1 - 20
Tip: When you learn a profession or secondary skill the button that allows you to perform that skill is found in the Professions tab of your spellbook. 1 - 60
Tip: You can use the Tab key to select nearby enemies in front of you. 1 - 60
Tip: Emails from Blizzard will always end in either or 5 - 90
Tip: You should download free programs to regularly scan your machine for malicious software including keyloggers. 5 - 90
Tip: An item with its name in gray is a poor quality item and generally can be sold to a vendor. 6 - 60
Tip: If you are having trouble finding something in a capital city, try asking a guard for directions. 10 - 90
Tip: A Blizzard employee will NEVER ask for your password. 10 - 90
Tip: You can only know two professions at a time, but you can learn all of the secondary skills (Archaeology, Fishing, Cooking and First Aid). 10 - 90
Tip: click on a quest in your quest log to toggle quest tracking for that quest. 10 - 90
Tip: You can access the map either by clicking the map button in the upper right of the mini-map or by hitting the 'M' key. The map can help you locate where you need to go to complete a quest. 10 - 40
Tip: The Parental Controls section of the Account Management site offers tools to help you manage your play time. 10 - 90
Tip: You can change your talent specialization by visiting your class trainer. 10 - 30
Tip: Using a Blizzard Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator will help protect your World of Warcraft account from theft. 10 - 90
Tip: To avoid account theft, do not login to World of Warcraft on a computer that is shared with the general public. These machines can be infected with malicious software. 10 - 90
Tip: Be wary of unofficial sites advertising paid World of Warcraft services. These may contain malicious software that can lead to account theft. 10 - 90
Tip: To avoid account theft, do not use browser add-ons or features that allow scripts to be run in the background. 10 - 90
Tip: You can change your class specialization, talents or glyphs by visiting a class trainer. 10 - 90
Tip: Most achievements are account-wide. If you have earned the points on one of your characters, they will all share the points. 10 - 90
Tip: Visit a Pet Battle Trainer if you want to collect and battle companion pets. 10 - 90
Tip: Look for the Toy Box inside your Collections menu. All your cosmetic items and toys are automatically stored there. 10 - 100
Tip: Companion pets are account-wide. If one of your characters has a pet, all your characters can use that pet. 10 - 90
Tip: You make a new character to try out a different race, class or faction. Many players call these characters "alts. 10 - 90
Tip: The tank role focuses on controlling enemy creatures during group play. Tanks sacrifice high damage for high survivability. 10 - 50
Tip: The healer role focuses on keeping themselves and other members of the group alive. 10 - 50
Tip: The damage role (sometimes called "DPS") focuses on defeating the enemy. Damage dealers are supported by tanks and healers. 10 - 50
Tip: You can drag ability icons from the spec page, talent page or core ability page down onto your action bars. 15 - 90
Tip: Major Glyphs modify your spells in interesting ways. Minor Glyphs are more cosmetic or convenient. 15 - 90
Tip: Item attributes that are grayed out do not contribute to your character's power. 15 - 100
Tip: Use the Dungeon Finder tool to quickly travel to dungeons or to find more players for your dungeon group. 15 - 90
Tip: If you enjoyed playing with someone from your realm, put them on your friends list! 20 - 60
Tip: The auction houses in each of your faction's major cities are linked together. 20 - 60
Tip: If you mouse over a chat pane it will become visible and you can Right Click on the chat pane tab for options. 20 - 90
Tip: You can lock your action bar so you don't accidentally move spells. This is done using the interface options menu. 20 - 90
Tip: Quest items that are in the bank cannot be used to complete quests. 20 - 90
Tip: A quest marked as (Failed) in the quest log can be reacquired from the quest giver. 20 - 90
Tip: The interface options menu has lots of ways to customize your game play. 20 - 60
Tip: You can track many things, such as low-level quests or vendors by clicking on the magnifying glass near your mini map. 20 - 90
Tip: An item with its name in white is useful to players in some way and can be used or sold at the auction house. 20 - 60
Tip: You can send mail to other players on your realm or even to your other characters from any mailbox in game. 20 - 60
Tip: Your spell casting can be cancelled by moving, jumping or hitting the escape key. 20 - 40
Tip: Clicking on a player name in the chat window lets you send a private message to them. 20 - 60
Tip: If you Click on a player name in the chat window it tells you additional information about them. 20 - 60
Tip: You can Click on an item to see how you would look wearing that item. 20 - 60
Tip: The War Games feature allows your group leader to challenge another group to an Arena or Battleground skirmish of their choice. War Games can be started from the Player vs. Player screen . 20 - 90
Tip: You can earn rewards for running random dungeons using the Dungeon Finder tool. You can go with a group of friends or use Dungeon Finder to find a dungeon group. 20 - 90
Tip: Recruiting a friend to World of Warcraft can provide rewards for both of you. 20 - 90
Tip: By default, the B key will open all your bags at once. 20 - 90
Tip: Flying mounts can be used at higher level. 20 - 90
Tip: Dealing damage, healing or casting spells can generate Threat against a creature. Most creatures will attack the player with the highest Threat against them. When in a group, you want the character with the most Threat to be a tank. 20 - 80
Tip: There are many ways to customize your user interface, and even a few advanced features, in the Interface menu. 20 - 90
Tip: City Guards will often give you directions to other locations of note in the city. 20 - 60
Tip: You can repurchase items you have recently sold to a vendor from the buyback tab. 20 - 60
Tip: You can always get a new Hearthstone from any innkeeper. 20 - 60
Tip: You can Right Click on the Clock to set an alarm or display a stopwatch. 20 - 90
Tip: Most mounts and pets are shared across all of your characters. 20 - 90
Tip: Characters with the Inscription profession can inscribe glyphs to improve some of your favorite spells and abilities. 25 - 90
Tip: Some vehicles can carry multiple passengers. 40 - 90
Tip: Creatures four levels above you can hit you with a Crushing Blow for extra damage. 40 - 85
Tip: Completing some Achievements may grant unique non-combat items as rewards. 40 - 90
Tip: You can have your hair cut, colored or styled in a Barber Shop located in many cities. 40 - 80
Tip: You can set an option to cast spells on yourself or on your Focus target by looking in Interface Options, Combat. 40 - 90
Tip: If you Right Click on a name in the combat log a list of options will appear. 40 - 90
Tip: When you are mousing over an item, you can hold down the shift key and it will also show you the item of that type you have equipped. 40 - 90
Tip: You can have up to 11 characters per realm, with a maximum of 50 characters total across all realms. 40 - 90
Tip: You can reuse text that you have recently typed. Press Enter, then use + Up Arrow to scroll through your previous messages. 40 - 90
Tip: You can use the Calendar to see upcoming holidays or plan events with your guild or friends. 40 - 90
Tip: You can open a small map of the current zone either with Shift-M or as an option from the world map. 40 - 90
Tip: When using Dungeon Finder, you can teleport into your dungeon. If you are not using Dungeon Finder, you can use Dungeon meeting stones to summon absent party members. 40 - 90
Tip: If an enemy cast bar has a shield icon around it, that means you cannot interrupt the spell with your abilities. 40 - 90
Tip: When the autocomplete feature suggests character names, you can use Tab or Tab to select a name from the list. 40 - 90
Tip: You can track progress on current quests or achievements using shift-click. 40 - 90
Tip: It is possible to change the look of your armor or weapons by visiting a Transmogrifier in major cities. 40 - 90
Tip: You can use the Equipment Manager feature to quickly swap sets of gear that you find yourself using often. 40 - 90
Tip: You can Click on an item to place an item link into a chat message. 40 - 60
Tip: You can remove a friendly spell enhancement on yourself by right-clicking on the spell effect icon. 40 - 60
Tip: You can perform many fun actions with the emote system, for instance you can type /dance to dance. 40 - 90
Tip: You can use the V key to show enemy name plates above the enemy's head. Name plates may help you keep track of enemy health or spell casting, or may make it easier to quickly change targets. 40 - 90
Tip: All of your action bars can have their hotkeys remapped in the key bindings interface. 40 - 90
Tip: On your character sheet is a reputation tab that tells you your status with different groups. 40 - 60
Tip: Your items do not suffer durability damage when you are killed by an enemy player. 40 - 90
Tip: The number next to the quest name in your log is how many other party members are on that quest. 40 - 90
Tip: You cannot cancel your bids in the auction house so bid carefully. 40 - 90
Tip: To enter a chat channel, type /join [channel name] and /leave [channel name] to exit. 40 - 90
Tip: Mail will be kept for a maximum of 30 days before it disappears. 40 - 90
Tip: It is possible to change the look of your armor or weapons by visiting a Transmogrifier in major cities. 40 - 90
Tip: Spend your Honor or Conquest Points for Player vs. Player gear. 40 - 90
Tip: When a player not in your group damages a monster before you do, it will display a gray health bar and you will get no loot or experience from killing it. 40 - 60
Tip: You can see the spell that your current target is casting by turning on the 'Cast Bars' options in the combat interface options tab. 40 - 90
Tip: You can change which buffs or debuffs are displayed on yourself or targets in order to get the information you need. 40 - 90
Tip: You can target members of your party with the function keys. F1 targets you; F2 targets the second party member. 40 - 90
Tip: If you are having difficulty with a group of creatures in a dungeon, try using a crowd control ability, such as Polymorph or Sap. 40 - 90
Tip: You can choose to receive loot for a different class specialization by Right Clicking on the character frame and choosing Loot Specialization. 60 - 100
Tip: There are a number of different loot options when in a group. The group leader can right-click their own portrait to change the options. 60 - 90
Tip: Creatures cannot make critical hits with spells, but players can. 60 - 90
Tip: A group leader can reset their instances or change dungeon difficulty by Right Clicking on their character portrait. 60 - 90
Tip: Players cannot dodge, parry, or block attacks that come from behind them. Creatures can dodge, but not parry or block attacks that come from behind them. 60 - 90
Tip: You can replace a gem that is already socketed into your item by dropping a new gem on top of it in the socketing interface. 60 - 90
Tip: You can only have one Battle Elixir and one Guardian Elixir on you at a time. 60 - 90
Tip: Currencies, such as the ones collected from Battlegrounds or Heroic dungeons, are stored in the Currency Page. 60 - 90
Tip: A Sanctuary is an area in which Player vs. Player combat is prohibited, such as Shattrath or Dalaran. 60 - 90
Tip: Improving your reputation with a faction can grant access to new quests or items. 60 - 90
Tip: You can set a Focus Frame by Right Clicking on a unit frame. You can unlock a Focus Frame to move it anywhere around your screen. 60 - 90
Tip: If you're looking for something different to do, try to complete some of the more unusual Achievements. 60 - 90
Tip: You can link quests, items, spells and achievements to chat messages by Shift-Left Clicking in your log. 60 - 90
Tip: Don't stand in the fire! 70 - 90
Tip: Many high level dungeons have a heroic mode setting. Heroic mode dungeons are tuned for higher level players and have improved loot. 70 - 90
Tip: You cannot advance quests other than (Raid) quests while you are in a raid group. 80 - 90
Tip: Heroic Dungeons require a minimum quality of gear before you can enter them with Dungeon Finder. 80 - 90
Tip: The Calendar can tell you when raids reset. Your raid leader can choose to extend a raid. 80 - 90
Tip: You can't fly in Pandaria until you reach level 90. 85 - 90
Tip: Nobody has seen Alleria or Turalyon in years. Still. 85 - 90
Tip: There are six branches of Pandaren Cooking. You can choose to pursue one, or to master them all. 85 - 90
Tip: Conquest Points can purchase better Player vs. Player gear than Honor Points, but are more challenging to acquire. 85 - 90
Tip: Quests completed at maximum level award money instead of experience. 85 - 90
Tip: The Inscription trainers in Pandaria are located in the library in the Temple of the Jade Serpent. 86 - 90
Tip: There are six branches of Pandaren Cooking. You can choose to pursue one, or to master them all. 86 - 90
Tip: Brann Bronzebeard at the Seat of Knowledge will trade you fragments from other branches of Archaeology for your finds in Pandaria. 86 - 90
Tip: You can queue for Scenarios to run short group content. 86 - 90
Tip: The Cooking trainers in Pandaria, located in the Halfhill Market in Valley of the Four Winds, can teach you to cook no matter how inexperienced you are. 87 - 90
Tip: The Archaeology trainers in Pandaria are located in the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. 87 - 90
Tip: Normal and Heroic Raids scale to suit groups containing anywhere from 10 to 30 players, including Real ID and BattleTag friends, so no one has to be left out! 90 - 100
Tip: You can use Raid Finder to join a 25-player raid for some of the most epic experiences World of Warcraft has to offer. 90 - 90
Tip: There are many activities you can do at max level, such as improving your reputation with various factions, improving your professions, daily quests, scenarios, dungeons, raids, or battlegrounds. 90 - 90
Tip: Draenor Perks are class enhancements that unlock in random order as you level in Warlords of Draenor. 91 - 99
Tip: Your Garrison serves as your base of operations in Draenor. Upgrade it and recruit an army of followers to crush your enemies and earn rewards! 91 - 100
Tip: Using Dungeon Finder with a group of friends grants you additional bonus gold. 91 - 100
Tip: Your Garrison serves as your base of operations in Draenor. Upgrade it and recruit an army of followers to crush your enemies and earn rewards! 91 - 100
Tip: Right-Click on your portrait while in a group to view your party leader's Garrison. 91 - 100
Tip: Profession buildings in your Garrison allow you to craft items from all tradeskills, not just those your character has learned. 95 - 100