Wrecked Crab Trap
Tua'kea Crab Trap
Flame of Shattrath
Shimmering Snowcaps
Missing Journal Page
Battered Journal
Horde Armaments
Kaskala Supplies
Bell Rope
Frozen Phylactery
Crystallized Mana
Wine Crate
Fields, Factories and Workshops
Frostberry Bush
Cart Release
Coldarra Geological Monitor
Plagued Grain
Kaw's War Halberd
Shipment of Animal Parts
South Point Station Valve
Mid Point Station Valve
North Point Station Valve
West Point Station Valve
Wolf Droppings
First Aid Supplies
Horde Bonfire
Wanted: Hemet Nesingwary, Enemy of Nature
Massive Glowing Egg
Bloodspore Carpel
Fizzcrank Spare Parts
Burblegobble's Bauble
Gurgleboggle's Bauble
Evanor's Prison
Salrand's Lockbox
Cultist Shrine
Crafty's Tools
Crafty's Stuff
Super Strong Metal Plate