Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig
Scourged Earth
Ith'rix's Hardened Carapace
Farseer Grimwalker's Remains
Tuskarr Ritual Object
"Elder Takret"
"Elder Sagani"
"Elder Kesuk"
Warsong Munitions Crate
Warsong Banner
Elder Atkanok
Arcane Prison
The Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir
Ashli's Cage
Kraz's Cage
Harkor's Cage
Tanzar's Cage
The Talon King's Coffer
Winterfin Clam
Bloodberry Bush
Suspicious Hoofprint
Darkspine Ore Chest
Sorlof's Booty
Winter Veil Gift
Razorthorn Root
Smuggled Mana Cell
The Staff of Storm's Fury
The Frozen Heart of Isuldof
Long Tail Feather
Unlocked Chest
Mound of Debris
Harkor's Satchel
Work Bench
Industrial Strength Rope
Large Barrel
Building Tools
Dirt Mound
Loose Rock
Valgarde Supply Crate