Torn Pilgrim's Pack
Abandoned Wagon
Metal Coffer
Ivory Bell
Mana Bomb Fragment
Suspicious Outhouse
Necromantic Focus
Krasus's Compendium - Chapter 3
Krasus's Compendium - Chapter 2
Krasus's Compendium - Chapter 1
Arelion's Knapsack
Nether Dragonkin Egg
Teleporter Power Pack
Ethereal Teleport Pad
Box of Surveying Equipment
Energy Isolation Cube
Jakk's Cage
Moh's Cage
Manni's Cage
Fel Reaver Part
Shredder Parts
Elemental Power
Ethereal Transporter Control Panel
Ethereal Technology
Wanted Poster
Strange Object
B'naar Control Console
Etherlithium Matrix Crystal
Soul Mirror
Marksman Regiment's Cooking Pot
Zeppelin Debris
Sanguine Hibiscus
Wanted Poster
Mysterious Egg
The Saga of Terokk
Grishnath Orb
Soul Device
Mysteries of the Light
Bleeding Hollow Supplies
Salvageable Wood