Flagongut's Fossil
Denalan's Planter
Yellow Raptor Nest
Strange Fruited Plant
Flawed Power Stones
Flawed Power Stones
Flawed Power Stone
Timberling Sprout
Webwood Eggs
Control Console
Main Control Valve
Fragile - Do Not Drop
Drizzlik's Emporium
Tin Vein
Fissure Plant
Bubbling Fissure
Tattered Chest
Alliance Strongbox
Barrel of Sweet Nectar
Barrel of Milk
Silithid Mound
Food Crate
Weapon Crate
Armor Crate
Barrel of Melon Juice
Water Barrel
General Twinbraid's Strongbox
Old Footlocker
Kolkars' Booty
Laden Mushroom
Stolen Supply Sack
Taillasher Eggs
Benedict's Chest
Chen's Empty Keg
Imprisoned Darkspear
Gnomish Toolbox
Attack Plan: Orgrimmar
Attack Plan: Sen'jin Village
Attack Plan: Valley of Trials