Ambermill Strongbox
Standard Issue Tools
Rituals of Power
Bolt Charged Bramble
Ur's Treatise on Shadow Magic
Andron's Bookshelf
Filled Containment Coffer
Ju-Ju Heap
Balnir Snapdragons
Bink's Toolbox
Damaged Chest
Bailor's Ore
Tome of the Cabal
Jordan's Hammer
Bath'rah's Cauldron
Sunscorched Shell
Iron Coral
Crate of Elunite
Dead-tooth's Strongbox
Ironband's Strongbox
Stolen Books
Large Battered Chest
Large Solid Chest
Large Iron Bound Chest
Ooze Covered Gold Vein
Ooze Covered Silver Vein
Snufflenose Command Sticks
Fuel Control Valve
Regulator Valve
Burning Blade Stash
Stolen Iron Chest
Eliza's Grave Dirt
The Charred Oak
Malem Chest
Sack of Rye
Sack of Barley
Sack of Corn
Atal'ai Tablet
Perrine's Chest