K3 Equipment
Mammoth Meat
U.D.E.D. Dispenser
Rusty Cage
Scarlet Onslaught Trunk
Charred Wreckage
Sparksocket's Tools
Drakuru's Skull
Cache of Eregos
Teleport to Dalaran Crystal
Teleport to Violet Stand Crystal
Zepik's Trap Stash
Sparktouched Crystal Defenses
Blight Crystal
Ghoul Drool
Abomination Guts
Titanium Vein
High Inquisitor Valroth's Remains
New Avalon Patrol Schedule
Adder's Tongue
New Avalon Registry
Iron Chain
Empty Cauldron
Plague Cauldron
Abandoned Mail
Zol'Maz Stronghold Cache
Gate Lever
Raised Mud
Raised Mud
Artruis's Phylactery
Timeworn Coffer
Harvested Blight Crystal
Underworld Power Fragment
Lifeblood Shard
Dreadsaber Track
Mosswalker Possesions
Heb'Jin's Drum
Saronite Arrow
Dark Runed Chest