Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops

Dirge Quikcleave in Gadgetzan wants you to bring him 20 Goblin Rocket Fuel and 20 Deeprock Salt.


My recipe is complete! What I need from you now is some rocket fuel and deeprock salt. I'll handle the spices and the meat you brought me will cover the rest.

After you bring me what I asked for, the chicken will be ready to take back to Narain.


9550experience (or at Level 80)
Reputation change:

  • Level: 60
  • Requires Level:60
  • React:
  • Not sharable
  • Difficulty:
  • Added in patch: 1.11.1
  • Start:Dirge Quikcleave
  • End:Dirge Quikcleave