Convocation at Zol'Heb

Har'koa at Zim'Torga has asked you to slay the Prophet of Akali.


You and your friends must take this instrument of convocation - of summoning - to Zol'Heb just south of Gundrak.

Therein you will find a circle of power. Use the convocation to force the prophet of Akali to appear.

My heart goes out to you, WowDB User. We have been through much together, and you have done all that you can to not only save my life, but those of the other gods the Drakkari have destroyed.

But I fear this time we may not see each other again until the afterlife.


32400experience (or at Level 80)

  • Level: 78
  • Requires Level:74
  • Suggest: 3 players
  • React:
  • Not sharable
  • Difficulty:
  • Added in patch: 3.3.0
  • Start:Har'koa
  • End:Har'koa

  • Series
[1] The Gods Have Spoken
[2] Convocation at Zol'Heb
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