The Crystals

Chu'a'lor has tasked you with gathering 5 Apexis Shards. Bring them to him at Ogri'la atop the Blade's Edge Mountains.


When prepared correctly, the crystals of the mountains exhibit strange powers, such as the clarity of mind that we have found here in Ogri'la.

All of the creatures atop the mountains covet the crystal shards and use them to further their own goals. An economy has even sprung up around them.

To assist us, you must first learn about the Apexis shards. Bring me some. In addition to the creatures here having them, they can sometimes be found where the flayers dig at the larger crystals.


12650experience (or at Level 80)
Reputation change:

  • Level: 70
  • Requires Level:70
  • React:
  • Sharable
  • Difficulty:
  • Added in patch: 3.3.0
  • Start:Chu'a'lor
  • End:Chu'a'lor

  • Series
[1] The Crystals
[2] An Apexis Relic
[3] The Relic's Emanation
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