Fires Over Skettis

Seek out Monstrous Kaliri Eggs on the tops of Skettis dwellings and use the Skyguard Blasting Charges on them. Return to Sky Sergeant Doryn.

You think you have what it takes to be part of the Skyguard? We'll have to see how you handle yerself in the air.

The arakkoa are breeding a gargantuan variety of their attack pets and are using it against our scouts. I want you to take these blasting charges and use them to destroy hatcheries above the arakkoa's dwellings. Avoid the monstrous kaliri guarding the hatcheries. They'll knock you off your mount before you know what hit you.


12650experience (or at Level 80)
Reputation change:
Sha'tari SkyguardFaction+350

  • Level: 70
  • Requires Level:70
  • React:
  • Daily Quest
  • Not sharable
  • Difficulty:
  • Added in patch: 3.3.0
  • Start:Sky Sergeant Doryn
  • End:Sky Sergeant Doryn
  • Criteria Of(1)
  • ScreenShots(2)
Bombs Away
Complete the Fires Over Skettis quest in under 2 minutes 15 seconds while not in a group.
10 Both Outland