Escaping the Tomb

Help Akuno find his way to the Refugee Caravan in Terokkar Forest. Speak to Mekeda after you've completed this quest.

I appreciate your help, WowDB User. I was certain I was going to be killed.

Let's get out of here with a hurry. It won't be long before more cultists come after us.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Akuno's Blade
Ancient Draenei Crest
Mekeda's Gift
Unearthed Orb
10750experience (or at Level 80)
Reputation change:
Lower CityFaction+250

  • Level: 64
  • Requires Level:62
  • React:
  • Sharable
  • Difficulty:
  • Added in patch: 3.3.0
  • Start:Akuno
  • End:Mekeda
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