Bloodberry Bush
Darkspine Ore Chest
Sorlof's Booty
Razorthorn Root
Smuggled Mana Cell
The Staff of Storm's Fury
The Frozen Heart of Isuldof
Long Tail Feather
Unlocked Chest
Mound of Debris
Harkor's Satchel
Industrial Strength Rope
Large Barrel
Building Tools
Loose Rock
Valgarde Supply Crate
Eagle Figurine
Amani Vase
Saga of the Winter Curse
Saga of the Twins
Saga of the Valkyr
Harpoon Operation Manual
The Map of Zul'Aman
Mana Berry Bush
Iron Rune Carving Tools
Apothecary's Package
Ashli's Bag
Kraz's Package
Reagent Pouch
Tanzar's Trunk
Ancient Cipher
Gold Coins
Dwarven Keg
Sprung Trap
Dragonflayer Battle Plans
Sacred Artifact
Spotted Hippogryph Down
Wyrmskull Tablet
Whisper Gulch Ore Fragment