Indurium Mineral Vein
Velinde's Locker
Rocket Car Rubble
Henrig Lonebrow's Journal
Venture Co. Engineering Plans
Barrow Cache
Druids' Cache
Gatekeeper's Hold
Deepmoss Eggs
Mythology of the Titans
Compendium of the Fallen
Worn Chest
Rusty Chest
Box of Assorted Parts
Stardust Covered Bush
Elune's Tear
Bottle of Disease
Ancient Statuette
Plant Bundle
Defias Gunpowder
Pitted Iron Chest
Cat Figurine
Mathystra Relic
Scaber Stalk
Death Cap
Flagongut's Fossil
Timberling Sprout
Webwood Eggs
Fragile - Do Not Drop
Drizzlik's Emporium
Tin Vein
Fissure Plant
Tattered Chest
Alliance Strongbox
Barrel of Sweet Nectar
Barrel of Milk
Silithid Mound
Food Crate
Weapon Crate