Dead-tooth's Strongbox
Ironband's Strongbox
Stolen Books
Large Battered Chest
Large Solid Chest
Large Iron Bound Chest
Ooze Covered Gold Vein
Ooze Covered Silver Vein
Snufflenose Command Sticks
Burning Blade Stash
Stolen Iron Chest
The Charred Oak
Sack of Rye
Sack of Barley
Sack of Corn
Atal'ai Tablet
Perrine's Chest
The Book of Ur
Atal'ai Artifact
Scattered Crate
Caravan Chest
Sundried Driftwood
Draenethyst Crystals
Tear of Theradras
Sack of Meat
Snufflenose Owner's Manual
Crate with Holes
Feast Goblet
Feast Fruit
Feast Fish
Feast Boar
Defias Strongbox
Captain's Footlocker
Gizmorium Shipping Crate
Beginnings of the Undead Threat
The Legacy of the Aspects
Cozzle's Footlocker
Mok'Morokk's Strongbox
Mok'Morokk's Grog
Mok'Morokk's Snuff