Spectral Lockbox
Shards of Myzrael
The Discs of Norgannon
Intrepid's Locked Strongbox
Dusty Shelf
Talvash's Scrying Bowl
Bath'rah's Cauldron
Eliza's Grave Dirt
Malem Chest
Karnitol's Chest
Galen's Strongbox
Yuriv's Tombstone
Theramore Guard Badge
Black Shield
Loose Dirt
Hidden Shrine
Buzzbox 525
Buzzbox 323
Buzzbox 411
Buzzbox 827
Twilight Tome
Scrying Bowl
Denalan's Planter
Strange Fruited Plant
Flawed Power Stones
Flawed Power Stones
Flawed Power Stone
Control Console
Old Footlocker
Seal of the Earth
Sealed Supply Crate
Battered Dwarven Skeleton
Crumpled Map
Waterlogged Chest
Wanted Board
Trollbane's Tomb
Stone of Inner Binding
Iridescent Shards