Heart of the Ancients
Wrecked Crab Trap
Battered Journal
Plagued Grain
Horde Bonfire
Massive Glowing Egg
Cultist Shrine
Elder Atkanok
Suspicious Hoofprint
Winter Veil Gift
Work Bench
Large Jack-o'-Lantern
Dragonskin Scroll
Wanted Poster
Syndicate Documents
Wrecked Row Boat
Loosely Turned Soil
Pumpkin Shrine
Proton Accelerator Controller
Apexis Monument
Insidion's Egg
Furywing's Egg
Rivendark's Egg
Obsidia's Egg
Fel Crystal Prism
Bash'ir Crystalforge
Fel Crystalforge
Apexis Relic
Wanted Poster
Legion Communicator
Crystal Prison
Wanted Poster
Wanted Poster
Wanted Poster
Draenei Ascendant
Lashh'an Tome
Wanted Poster
Abandoned Wagon
Necromantic Focus